No. It’s not recommended to take Bellady during menstruation. During menstruation, women will have lower estrogen levels. The phytoestrogens contained in Bellady such as Kacip Fatimah, Estro G, etc can increase women estrogen levels. If you take Bellady during your period, you may shorten or disrupt your period cycle.

No. Kacip Fatimah contained in Bellady has a uterine astringent effect, which can cause miscarriages in pregnant women. Breastfeeding women should not take Bellady, because most of the food eaten by breastfeeding mothers will be passed into the baby’s body through the breast milk. Kacip Fatimah and some of the other ingredients may have adversely effect or endanger your baby.

Yes, can. Women who have low menstruation frequency per year have lower levels of estrogen, this leads to a thin endometrium, less follicular proliferation and less menstruation matter. Menstruation occurs when estrogen and progesteron levels are within a certain range and no fertilization occurs. The phytoestrogens contained in Bellady can help increase estrogen to normal levels and menstruation may commence. 

Yes, Bellady may help some women. Some less fertile women have very low levels of estrogen, which hinders normal ovulation and makes pregnancy difficult. The phytoestrogens contained in Bellady have a similar effect to human estrogen, whereby it helps to stimulate and increase the levels of estrogen in the body. As a result, ovulation may occur and increases the chances of pregnancy.

No. It’s not recommended as women with cancer may have more estrogen than non-cancerous women. Too much estrogen stimulates the growth of endometrial cancer cells. Blocking estrogen can prevent the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, patients with those cancers should not take extra estrogen.

No. It is not recommended to take Bellady immediately after delivery. Breastfeeding increases prolactin (a hormone to increase breast milk), and causes estrogen levels to drop. Estrogen gradually recovers to reach normal levels by about 6 months or at cessation of lactation. Bellady should not be taken during breastfeeding despite the drop of estrogen as it’s ingredients have not been proven safe for lactating women, infants and children.

No, unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients.  As the body absorbs the nutrients in Bellady, the body will naturally produce chemical reactions but generally not an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to the ingredients listed, it is not recommended to take Bellady.

Response time varies from person to person and is subject to your internal conditions. However, we have received reports indicating a normalization of leucorrhea after 1 week, normalization of menstrual cycle between 1 – 3 months. Less to no dysmenorrhea (period pain) after 1 month. Firmer and enhanced bust and improved vagina conditions which led to better intimacy with partner within 1 month after use. 



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